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Guidelines for Returning to In-Person Worship Services at Grace Chapel


Grace Chapel will resume in-person worship services on Sunday, May 31, 2020 at 9:30a.

It is our hope in these guidelines to promote a worshipful atmosphere that is safe and respectful for all individuals who wish to resume gathering in-person. We’re committed to striking a balance between protecting everyone’s physical health and preserving their individual freedom as much as possible. Let’s give one another grace while we walk this out.

This set of guidelines will be considered Phase 1. Anticipated timeline for Phase 1 is 4-5 weeks.


  1. Whether you attend in-person or online, come with a positive attitude and expectation for God to work in your life! We have an incredible opportunity to love and serve one another in a new way.
  2. In order to allow space for distancing, capacity for our worship service will be the first 75 individuals. This number may be modified as we learn how to best seat everyone in the first few weeks. Come early to get a seat!
  3. In the event we reach capacity in the sanctuary, we will add an additional service the FOLLOWING week(s). We are currently working on overflow options in the lobby for this coming Sunday so please refrain from mingling in this area.
  4. All individuals are asked to maintain a distance of at least six feet apart. Please no hugging, handshaking, high-fiving, chest bumping, knuckle-knocking, elbow tapping, or touching any individual outside your family or personal residence. Given the unfamiliarity of this practice, our ushers will be assisting everyone with seating during Phase 1.
  5. We will offer childcare for ages 0-3 years old. All children ages 0-3 are welcome to go to the nursery during Phase 1, or they may remain with their parents in the sanctuary. Children ages 4 and older are welcome to sit in the sanctuary with a parent or guardian. In fact, please bring them so my kids won’t be the only ones who may disrupt the service.
  6. Please allow only one person at a time in restrooms.
  7. We will be practicing the John 14:6 (aka one-way) method of entering and exiting. Entrance will be through the south, east, and west double doors, then through the foyer, as normal. Exit from the sanctuary will be through the north single doors.
  8. We will not be providing any food or drinks, but you are welcome to bring your own.
  9. While not a requirement, you may prefer to wear a mask as you enter and leave the sanctuary. They may be removed at your discretion during the service.
  10. To provide a touchless environment and encourage airflow, all entrance and exit doors will remain open before and after the service.
  11. We will not be passing an offering plate. We will have offering boxes set up in the sanctuary, or you can give online at gracechapelcr.org.
  12. If you prefer to watch the service from home, we will be offering a live, interactive online service at 9:30a on Sunday mornings. If you wish to watch the sermon only, we will be providing an on-demand video recording of the sermon by Monday morning. Both of these viewing options will be available on our website at gracechapelcr.org. We will NOT be having our 11:00a interactive service.