Seekers Welcome

Unfortunately, the bad news is we are lost and broken and despite all our best efforts we cannot fix ourselves. The good news is God has come to find and save us and to give us purpose. How did he do this? God became a man, Jesus of Nazareth, who lived an ordinary human life, distinguished only by the incredible fact that he never did anything wrong. He kept all of God’s laws which nobody before or after him has ever been able to do. Having done so he transferred all the credit for that obedience to those who trust in him. For someone to do that is not only amazing, but it’s a miracle. There’s more.

In addition to giving us the credit for his perfect life and obedience, Jesus went further and willingly took the punishment that was due to us for our imperfect and rebellious lives. What Jesus did on the cross puts us on good terms with God. That means it’s not up to us to try to make amends and pay for our sins. Jesus went to the cross and paid the price in full. One way to look at this is Jesus made the first move for us by sacrificing his life for us. It gets better because we can get right with God.

There’s only one thing for us to do to get right with God: respond in “faith” to Jesus and accept the gracious gift of salvation that God offers through him. The reality is our eternity depends on this free gift. To learn more and to visit Grace Chapel in-person we welcome you to join us for one of our Sunday services.